You can add a map to your website to highlight a specific location, for example your business premises.

Step 1

Go to the Editor.

Step 2

Drag the Map element from the menu on the left and drop it in place on your page.

Step 3

Click on the element and enter your address in the Address/location field on the gray toolbar.

 Note: The map can only show one location at a time. To highlight another location, add another map.

Step 4

On the gray toolbar, click on the settings (gear) icon to change the map's settings:

  • Style: Select what kind of map you want to display, e.g. Normal, Business (shows registered businesses in the area), and Night (dark view). 
  • Marker: Use your standard template color or an accent color for the location marker.
  • Controls: Enable this option to allow your visitors to zoom in and out on the map.

 Tip: Use the + and - keys to zoom in and out. There's also a satellite view option.