Step 1

Click on the Webador logo in the top left corner of the Editor.

Step 2

On the My sites page, click on More next to your website name and select Statistics.

Basic statistics

  • Visitors: The number of visits your website has received. If a visitor is inactive for 30 minutes or more and then visits your website again, this is counted as a new visit. 
  • Page views: The number of pages your visitors have looked at on your website.
  • PV/vis: The average number of pages a visitor looks at on a specific day.

Advanced statistics

Learning about your visitors is essential to your website's growth. This information tells you what your visitors want to see and how you can best serve them. To see advanced statistics and learn more about your visitors, you'll need a Webador Pro or Business plan.

  • Location: Your website stores each visitor's IP address, which provides their location. This means you can see which countries and cities your visitors come from. Click on a country to see which cities your visitors are from.
  • Pages: This tells you how often your pages are viewed. The slash refers to your homepage.
  • Devices: Find out which devices your visitors are using to browse your website.
  • Traffic sources: See how your visitors found you, e.g. via websites that link to you, search engines, or even by knowing your domain name.
  • Orders: If you have a webshop, this shows how many orders you have received, when they were placed, and your turnover.

If you have a webshop, you can also see statistics about orders received and turnover per device, traffic source, and location. This means you can track information such as how many orders you receive per country or how many customers place orders via mobile.