In addition to PayPal, Webador offers Stripe as a payment provider. With Stripe, you can accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in over 190 countries and 135+ currencies, as well as alternative payment methods such as iDeal or Bancontact.

Setting up an account with Stripe is easy and fast.

Step 1

In our Editor, go to the Webshop tab.

Step 2

In the menu on the left, click on Settings, then click on Payment methods.

Step 3

Click on the blue Connect with Stripe button.

Step 4

You will be automatically redirected to the Stripe website to create your account. Some of your data will be automatically entered via Webador. Enter any missing information and click on Authorize access to this account.

 Note: Not all of the information requested in the on-boarding procedure is mandatory.

Step 5

When Webador has finished connecting to your Stripe account, you'll receive a verification email from Stripe. Once you've verified your email, go to the Payment methods page in your Stripe account.

Step 6

On the Payment methods page, click on the Activate button next to the payment method(s) you want to set up and make available in your Webador webshop.

Step 7

When you're done activating your preferred payment method(s), go back to the Payment methods page in your Webador account.

Step 8

Click on Configure additional payment methods, then click on the payment methods you activated in Stripe and click on the green Save button.

 Note: Make sure you complete your registration with Stripe. If this is not done (or not done on time), any payments received may be refunded to your customers.