Once you've registered a domain name and created a mailbox, you can set up your email in your preferred client. This article explains how to set up your email in Office Outlook. 

While the screenshots below feature Office Outlook 365, the automatic configuration works for all versions of Outlook since 2007. This means what you see during setup may look slightly different to what's shown in the example.

Are you unable to set up the mailbox automatically? Then set up the mailbox in Outlook manually.

Step 1

Open Outlook, click on File, and click on Add account.

Mac users: 

Click on Tools in the toolbar, go to Accounts, and click on the + symbol under Add account.

Step 2

Enter the email address of your mailbox and click on Connect.

Step 3

Enter the mailbox password and click on Connect again.

 Note: The password is your mailbox password, so not the password you use to log into Webador. If you've forgotten your mailbox password, you can always reset it.

Step 4

Outlook will start the automatic configuration. This may take some time!

You now have set up your mailbox in Office Outlook.

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