You can set up sales promotions in your webshop by activating discount coupons.

Step 1

Go to the Webshop tab.

Step 2

Click on Settings in the menu on the left, then click on Coupons.

Step 3

Click on the blue Add coupon button and enter the coupon information:

  • Discount code: Enter the code your customers will need to enter at checkout to receive the discount
  • Duration: Set how long the promotion will run for, or check the Ongoing box if your promotion has no end date.
  • Coupon type: Choose which type of discount you want to offer:
    • Percentage discount on total: Give your customers a certain percentage, e.g.10%, off their total (enter a percentage amount in the Discount field).
    • Fixed amount: Give your customers a certain amount, e.g. $20, off their total (enter a fixed amount in the Discount field).
    • Free shipping: Offer your customers free shipping for their order.
  • Criteria: Set whether the promotion will apply to all orders, or only those over a minimum order total.
  • Valid for:Set up which products the discount applies to. There are three options:
    • All products. This means that the discount is valid for all products in your webshop.
    • All products, except the products I select. Here you can set the discount to be valid on almost all products, except the products that you select. This is useful if you want to exclude some products from the discount.
    • Only the products I select. Here you can set the discount to be valid on some products. This is useful if, for example, you want to give a discount on a product category or products of a certain brand.
  • Comment: Shown with the info icon next to the discount coupon in the shopping cart
  • Can only be used once: Enable this option to ensure your customers can only use the discount once.

Step 4

Click on Save to create your coupon.

Your customers will receive the discount when they enter the discount code at checkout!