You can set up sales promotions in your webshop by activating discount coupons.

Step 1

Go to the Webshop tab.

Step 2

Click on Settings in the menu on the left, then click on Coupons.

Step 3

Click on the blue Add coupon button and enter the coupon information:

  • Discount code: Enter the code your customers will need to enter at checkout to receive the discount
  • Duration: Set how long the promotion will run for, or check the Ongoing box if your promotion has no end date.
  • Coupon type: Choose which type of discount you want to offer:
    • Percentage discount on total: Give your customers a certain percentage, e.g.10%, off their total (enter a percentage amount in the Discount field).
    • Fixed amount: Give your customers a certain amount, e.g. $20, off their total (enter a fixed amount in the Discount field).
    • Free shipping: Offer your customers free shipping for their order.
  • Criteria: Set whether the promotion will apply to all orders, or only those over a minimum order total.
  • Can only be used once: Enable this option to ensure your customers can only use the discount once.

Step 4

Click on Save to create your coupon.

Your customers will receive the discount when they enter the discount code you created at checkout!