Step 1

Enter the text you want to display as a link.

Step 2

Highlight the text with your mouse.

Step 3

Once the text is selected, click on the link icon in the gray toolbar.

Step 4

On the Add link page, select where you want the link to go. This can be an internal page, product, or blog post on your website, an external webpage, contact information such as an email address or a telephone/WhatsApp number, or a file.


  • Page: links to a page on your own website
  • Product: links to a product in your webshop
  • Blog post: links to a post on your website made with a blog element


Link the text to an external webpage, make sure the webpage address is correct, and check the box next to open link in new window. The webpage will then open in a new tab, so that visitors remain on your website.


Link the text to your email address or telephone number so your visitors can email or call you or send you a WhatsApp message with one click.


Link the text to a file. Visitors can click on the text to automatically download the file and save it to their device. 

Step 5

The link is now set up and available for your visitors to click on. The URL is not visible.

 Tip: Use a text link to add anchor links to your website. Anchor links take your visitors to a specific section on the current page.