A sitemap is an important element that can help visitors find your website more easily. Webador makes sure your site is fully suitable for easy inclusion in search engine results by automatically creating an SEO sitemap and sharing it with search engines. However, you can also opt to display a sitemap on your website.

Step 1

Go to the Editor.

Step 2

Drag the Sitemap element from the menu on the left and drop it in place on your page. This will automatically generate a sitemap that includes every page on your website.

Step 3

To include hidden pages in your sitemap, click on the settings (gear) icon on the gray toolbar and enable the Show hidden pages option.

 Tip: Check out our article on how to hide pages on your website or how to add a footer to your webshop/website.

Submit a sitemap to Google Search Console

When your sitemap is ready, you can (with Webador Pro or Business) submit it via Google Search Console:

  1. Log into Google Search Console
  2. In the menu on the left, go to Sitemaps
  3. Enter the URL of your sitemap (a link to the page your sitemap is on)
  4. Click on Send