You can use Webador to sell files for download or offer paid access to secret pages. This feature is also useful for accepting donations

Once you've listed your product using our text and image elements, all you need to do is create a payment link which you can add to a button. When a customer completes payment via the link, it will automatically offer a file for download or redirect to a specific webpage.

Sell digital goods with PayPal

Step 1

Use the Image element and Text element to list your product for sale on your website, and place an Embed Code element under or alongside the listing.

Step 2

Add a new page, protect it with a secure password, and then hide the page from the menu.

Step 3

Upload the digital file you want to sell to the password-protected page.

Step 4

In another tab or browser window, log into your PayPal Business account, click on Pay & Get paid, and select PayPal buttons.

Step 5

Click on the Buy Now button.

Step 6

Enter the product information:

  • Step 1: Enter the product name and price, and customize the button to your wishes.
  • Step 2: Optionally track inventory, profit, and loss.
  • Step 3: Customize the checkout process and enter the product URLs:
    • Take customers to this URL when they cancel their checkout: Enter the URL of your website's homepage.
    • Take customers to this URL when they finish checkout: Enter the URL of the password-protected page you created in steps 1 and 2.

Step 7

Click on Create Button, then click on the grey Select Code button to highlight the code. Right-click on the highlighted code and click on Copy.

Step 8

Go back to your product listing in the Webador Editor, click on the Embed Code element you placed earlier, go to the Your HTML tab, and paste the code into the box (right-click and select Paste).

 Tip: If you use this feature in combination with our Webshop functionality, you can disable our default order buttons. Simply go to the Webshop tab, click on Settings in the menu on the left, then click on Advanced and disable the Show order button option.