Users with a Webador Pro or Business plan can register their own domain name. Both Pro and Business plans come with a free domain name. If you have a free plan, you can upgrade to register a domain name.

If you already have a Pro or Business plan, follow the steps below to register a domain name.

Note: Adding a new domain name doesn't mean you will automatically have a separate website with that domain name. The additional domain name will also point to the same website. If you want a separate website for each domain name, you'll need a separate Pro or Business plan per domain.

Step 1

In the Editor, click on the Webador logo in the top left corner to go to the My Sites page.

Step 2

Click on My subscription.

Step 3

In the Domains box, click on the blue + Register domain or + Extra domain button.

Step 4

Enter the domain name you want to use. If the domain name is available, click on the green Register button.

Step 5

Your domain name registration is now pending. Your website will be active under this domain name within a couple of hours! We'll send you an email once the registration is complete.

How do I find out if a domain name is available?
Use our handy domain name checker!

I already have a domain registered elsewhere, what should I do?
Transfer or link your existing domain name to Webador.