Users with a Webador Pro or Business plan can register their own domain name. Both Pro and Business plans come with a free domain name. If you have a free plan, you can upgrade to register a domain name.

If you already have a Pro or Business plan, follow the steps below to register a domain name.

Note: Registering an additional domain name doesn't mean you will automatically have a separate website with that domain name. The additional domain name will point to the same website as the first one. If you want another website, you'll need to create the website and upgrade to a Pro or Business plan to register a custom domain name.

Note: Need help choosing a domain name? Check out our blog post for some useful tips!

Step 1

In the Editor, click on the Webador logo in the top left corner to go to the My Sites page.

Step 2

Click on My subscription.

Step 3

In the Domains box, click on the blue + Register domain or + Extra domain button.

Step 4

Enter the domain name you want to use. If the domain name is available, click on the green Register <> button.

Step 5

Your domain name registration is now pending. Your website will be active under this domain name within a couple of hours! We'll send you an email once the registration is complete.

How do I find out if a domain name is available?
Use our handy domain name checker!

I already have a domain registered elsewhere, what should I do?
Transfer or link your existing domain name to Webador.