We've created an overview of our favorite tools that you can use to improve your website or add extra functionalities.

 Tip: Many of these tools can be added with the Embed Code element. Simply copy and paste the tool's 'embed code'.

Pictures, video, & audio


Upload your video to YouTube and use our video element to add it to your website. You can easily hide your video so it cannot be found via the YouTube search engine. Alternative: Vimeo.


Easily create animated advertisement banners to use on your website or for promotional purposes.


Easily create a professional infographic.


Make professional videos using your own photos and video clips (not free).

Upload music and use our Embed Code element to easily add it to your site.

LightWidget or Elfsight

Easily create an Instagram widget and use our Embed Code element to add it to your website.

Calendars & reservation systems


Sell tickets or give your visitors the option to register for an event. Use the widget for promotion on your website.

Google Calendar

Make a public calendar and publish it on your website. Use the Embed helper to combine multiple calendars.


Easily create an availability calendar to display on your website. Most suitable for campsites, bed & breakfasts, and caravan/camper rental. Accept online bookings or just display availability.

Appointment planner / reservation system

Several services allow you to take reservations via your website. Make sure you compare these before choosing the best one for your needs. SuperSaaS has a range of features and is also suitable for beginners, with a free getting started plan. Setmore is the most intuitive system available.

Resmio restaurant planner 

If you run a restaurant, you can use Resmio to take reservations via your website. Start with the free plan. The widget can easily be added to your Webador site.

Website tools

Google Forms

For when you want to create forms, surveys or polls with more detail than our Form element allows. Share the form and copy the Embed code in our Embed Code element.

My Google Maps

Create your own maps on which you can highlight specific routes or locations and customize them further. Make the map public and select 'embed on website'. Copy and paste the code into our Embed Code element.

Live Chat with tawk.to

Direct contact with your customers is becoming more and more important. Use Embed code to add a free live chat feature in your website's footer (at the bottom), so it's displayed on every page, and receive messages via the app on your mobile device.


Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods. With Mailchimp, you can easily create your own promotional emails and add a form to your website to build an email file.

Age  / 18+ check

If your products or services require an age check you can use this free plugin, which can be added as HTML in the Head tag of your website.

Provide a current weather report on your website with AccuWeather's free widgets. Choose a widget, copy the code, and paste it into our Embed Code element to place it on your website.

Google and Facebook reviews with Elfsight

Display your Google or Facebook reviews as a slider, grid, badge, carousel or sidebar widget easily on your website. Copy and paste the code into our Embed Code element and the reviews will appear as customized and responsive widget on your site.

Popups with Elfsight

Create various types of pop-ups like banners, bars notifications and many more. Use our Embed Code element to add the popup to your desired page.

Testimonial slider with Elfsight

Show real customer reviews with testimonials and inspire your visitors to try your services or products. Use the Embed Code element to add the slider to your website.