You can use the Product gallery element in the Editor to organize products displayed in your webshop.

Step 1

Go to the Editor.

Step 2

Drag the Product gallery element from the menu on the left and drop it in place on your website.

Step 3

Click on Choose products to add products to your gallery.

Step 4 

You can either:

  • Add an existing product: Choose from a list of existing products.
  •  New product: Create a new product.

Step 5

To change the order your products are displayed in, click on the button with three stripes. Click on a product and hold down your left mouse key while you drag and drop the product in the desired place.

Click on Save once you're satisfied with your changes.

Step 6

Your product gallery is now active and displaying your products. Your customers will be able to order these products once the shopping cart is activated!

 Tip: You can spread the products in your gallery over multiple pages. Click on the Product gallery element and click on Settings to set the number of products per page.

 Tip: Make sure you take enough pictures for your webshop!