What are elements?

Elements are the building blocks for your website's content. In the Editor you'll find all the elements you need to create interesting pages.

Write catchy text, add visual materials, and offer your visitors a way to reach you with the contact form. You have complete control over these elements plus many more of the standard features of a professional website.

Step 1

Go to the Editor. 

Step 2

Drag elements from the menu on the left and place them on the page.

Elements can be placed in three page sections:

  • The content box. The first screenshot below shows how a Header element and a Text element can be placed in this section
  • The sidebar (if applicable). You can add a sidebar to any page by going to the page settings, or create one yourself using columns
  • The footer. This is the bottom of your website. The second screenshot below shows how elements can be added to a Footer

The animation below shows how elements can be placed in a footer.

Step 3

Click on an element to open a toolbar from which you can edit or post your content. Each element has its own toolbar.

So, that's how to fill your pages with content! Do the same for other pages on your website.

Or read more about changing elements and deleting elements.