Yes! You can use a link to ensure products in your Webador webshop are automatically posted on Amazon. This means you can sell your products via Amazon too. Check our Sales channels article for more information.

Why Amazon?

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world, with millions of visitors per month. Selling your products via the Amazon marketplace gives you access to a much wider audience, both at home and internationally. 

How does it work?

To post your products on Amazon, you'll need to use an external tool such as Channable (see plans) or EasyAds. Once you've loaded your product feed into the tool, you can create an API link to determine which products are advertised and in which categories. Channable makes all of this very easy!

Step 1

Follow the steps in our Sales channels article to import your product feed into Channable.

Step 2

Follow the steps in this article to create an API link with Amazon.

 Note: Make sure your products have valid EAN codes before posting them to Amazon.

Step 3

Categorize your products and create rules to make them easier to find.

Step 4

Follow step 5 in this article to send your product feed to Amazon.

Or learn more about Channable's Amazon link.

 Tip: Need help configuring your feed for Google Shopping? Contact Channable, or the support team for the tool you're using.