Yes! You can use a live product feed to ensure products in your Webador webshop are automatically synchronized with Google Shopping. This means you can advertise (a selection of) your products on Google Shopping. Check our Sales channels article for more information.

Why Google Shopping?

Products you add to Google Shopping will be displayed in Google search engine results. When someone clicks on one of your products on Google Shopping, they will be redirected to your webshop immediately. Adding your products to Google Shopping gives your products more exposure and helps potential customers find your webshop.

 Note: You'll need a Google Merchant Center account to get started with Google Shopping.

How does it work?

To synchronize your products with Google Shopping, you'll need to use an external tool such as Channable (see plans) or EasyAds. Once you've loaded your product feed into the tool, you can create rules to determine which products are advertised and in which categories. Channable makes all of this very easy!

Step 1

Follow the steps in our Sales channels article to import your product feed into Channable.

Step 2

In Channable, use rules and categories to configure a feed that is suitable for Google Shopping.

Step 3

Follow these steps to send your product feed to Google Shopping.

 Tip: Need help configuring your feed for Google Shopping? Contact Channable, or the support team for the tool you're using.