The introduction of the GDPR has led to questions about whether Webador complies with certain data protection standards. This article explains why we do not support some technologies, and why this is okay.

Ongoing optimization

At Webador, we're constantly working to improve our service. This means we can optimize websites built using our service or implement higher security standards with no intervention - so you don't have to worry about it.

At this time, we do not support the following technologies, which are not yet widely used:


HSTS ensures that once a visitor views your website, they are automatically sent to the secure domain name and will always view your website via that secured domain in the future. Essentially, your visitors never see your site via an unsecure connection.

However, this only works if your domain suffers a malicious attack, and its main disadvantage is that you can no longer easily switch providers once you implement it. In our view, the disadvantages outweigh the benefits, which is why we don't support HSTS.


The IPV6 protocol is required to ensure that the internet does not reach its limit. This has nothing to do with security, however, and there are no risks involved in not using this protocol.

While we do have plans to support IPv6 in the future, there is currently no fixed time frame.