You've done it! You're all set to start receiving orders. Now all you need to know is how to process those orders.

Order status

When a customer places an order in your webshop, they'll receive an order confirmation by email. You'll also receive a copy of this confirmation in your inbox, so you'll be alerted to every order placed.

Once you've got the customer's order ready, you can change the order status to reflect this and keep your customer up-to-date. To do this, go to the Webshop tab. In the menu on the left, click on Orders.

Click on a specific order to open the order details. Here, you'll see the customer's contact information and what they ordered. You can also change the order status:

  • Pending: If the customer's payment isn't finalized, the order is still pending. When you've received payment, you can change the order status to 'Paid'.
  • Paid: If the customer has paid and you've received the payment, you can change the order status and ship the order to the customer. If you're using automatic payment methods, this will be done automatically. 
  • Canceled: If the customer has contacted you asking to cancel the order, or has not paid, you can change the order status to 'Canceled'. Any stock reserved will also be canceled.
  • Shipped: When you've shipped the order to the customer, change the status to "Shipped". The customer will automatically receive a shipping confirmation by email.
  • Picked up: If you have the free pick-up option enabled, you can change the order status to 'Collected' once the customer has picked up the order. No shipping confirmation will be sent.

 Tip: You can use the comments field in the order to add information such as Track and Trace codes. Anything entered here will also be included in the shipping confirmation email.

Change order and shipping confirmation

You can customize the order confirmation and shipping confirmation emails your customers receive. To do this, go to the Webshop tab. In the menu on the left, click on Settings, then click on Emails.

On this page, you can make changes to confirmation emails. For example, if you haven't enabled automatic payment methods, you can include payment instructions in your order confirmation emails.

 Tip: Enable the Send invoice (PDF) option in the order confirmation emails. Your customers will receive the invoice as an attachment with the order confirmation email, and you can download and print the invoice for your own records.

It's also easy to download and print an order's invoice or packing slip. This is explained in step 3.

Good luck with your webshop!