Automatic payment options

When you've finished adding products to your webshop, you'll want to make sure your customers can place orders and pay for them. With Webador, you have the option to configure automatic payment options via payment provider Stripe, which supports payments by bank transfer, credit card, and Apple Pay. You can also accept other payment methods, such as PayPal, transfers in advance, and payment by invoice. 

Check out our articles on how to set up automatic payment methods via Stripe or via PayPal. Once you've got one or both of these configured, your settings page should look something like this:

Click on Configure additional payment methods to select the payment methods you'd like to offer via Stripe.

Other payment options

Of course, you can also choose not to offer automatic payment methods. In that case, your customers can still pay via one of the following methods:

  • Pay on pick-up: This function only works if you've enabled the Free pick-up option (in the Editor, go to the Webshop tab, click on Settings in the menu on the left, and go to Shipping)
  • Payment in advance: You must have entered your payment information to use this option.
  • Payment by invoice: Payment information is also required to use this option.

Download an invoice and email it to the customer

When you receive an order via your webshop, it can be useful to print the invoice for your own records. If you go to the Webshop tab in the Editor, you will automatically be taken to an overview of orders placed in your webshop.

To print an order, click on it. In the Edit order dialog, click on the Print button and select Invoice.

You can also send this invoice directly to your customers with the order confirmation email. To do this, go to the Webshop tab. In the menu on the left, click on Settings, then go to Emails. On the Emails page, click on Order confirmation and enable the Attach invoice option. 

Your customers will now receive a PDF invoice attached to the order confirmation email.