A footer is a section at the bottom of your webshop that helps customers navigate and easily find the information they need. In your webshop footer, you can include links to information such as payment methods, shipping costs, delivery terms, return policies, warranty and complaints procedures, and contact details.

Step 1

Go to the Pages tab and add a new page. Give the page a name and select whether you want to display a banner and sidebar.

Step 2

Click on Advanced settings, disable the Show in menu option, and click on Save. Optional: include a Page Title and Description for Google.

Step 3

Add relevant information to the page (see the top of this article), e.g. with the Text and Image elements.

Step 4

Add a Text element to the footer and enter the titles of the pages you want to link to. Select the text you want to add a hyperlink to and click on the Insert/edit link button in the toolbar.

Step 5

Select the page you want to refer to and click on Save.

Step 6

Click on the Pin on every page button to display the footer on every page of your webshop.

For example, a footer can look like this: